Icon Name Total Cost Description
Large Repair Kit 20 000 Repair of all damaged modules.
Straight Ahead 0 comp7_juggernaut/descr
100-octane Gasoline 5 000 +5% to engine power and turret traverse speed.
Acid Shell 15 000 Upon activation and causing damage to an enemy's vehicle, the shell applies a temporary effect to it, causing additional damage over time.
Battlefield Robot 15 000 Calls in an autonomous tank that will pursue and attack the nearest enemy.
Clean Shot 0 comp7_sure_shot/descr
Fire Cover 0 comp7_redline/descr
Sleight of Hand 0 comp7_fast_recharge/descr
105-octane Gasoline 20 000 +10% to engine power and turret traverse speed.
Bullseye 0 comp7_sniper/descr
Manual Fire Extinguisher 3 000 Fire extinguishing in your vehicle.
One for All 0 comp7_ally_support/descr
Test Skill 0 Test Skill for Visual Script
Second Wind 0 comp7_risky_attack/descr
Turbocharger 15 000 Boosts the speed and acceleration of your vehicle for a limited time.
Cooldown: 20 s.
Field Repairs 0 comp7_aoe_heal/descr
Active Recon 0 comp7_aggressive_detection/descr
Divisional Radar 0 When activated, all enemy vehicles will remain spotted for %(duration)d s.
Adaptive Armor 15 000 Restores hit points, depending on the damage received.
Forced March 0 comp7_march/descr
Lend-Lease Oil 5 000 +5% to engine power.
Recon Flight 0 comp7_recon/descr
Automatic Fire Extinguisher 20 000 Automatic fire extinguishing in your vehicle.
Bounty Hunter 0 comp7_hunter/descr
Small First Aid Kit 3 000 Treatment of an injured crew member and removing the stun effect.
Surging Fervor 15 000 For a certain period of time, each penetrating hit increases damage done to enemy vehicles (up to five times). Hits with no damage and misses reset the damage parameter.
Fury 0 comp7_berserk/descr
Large First Aid Kit 20 000 Treatment of all injured crew members and removing the stun effect.
Quality Oil 5 000 +5% to engine power.
Inspire 0 comp7_aoe_inspire/descr
Ring of Fire 15 000 Envelops the enemy vehicle in a fiery aura that causes damage and reduces vehicle mobility.
Small Repair Kit 3 000 Repair of a damaged module or any type of suspension.
Removed Speed Governor 3 000 +10% to engine power, but damages the engine.
epic_empty_slot/name 0 epic_empty_slot/descr
Pudding and Tea 20 000 +10% to crew efficiency bonus.
Bread with Smalec
Strong Coffee
Improved Combat Rations
Case of Cola
Extra Combat Rations
Coffee with Cinnamon Buns
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Focus on the Target
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